About The Passport

The Carolina Craft Passport is a rewards program encouraging you to get off the beaten path and experience boutique craft beverage destinations across the State of North Carolina. Enjoy yourself, reward yourself.

The app uses the location services on your phone, tablet, or laptop to check-in. We cannot track your location. Only verify that you are at a qualifying passport location to claim your point for checking in.

How to reward yourself for using the passport.

VISIT PASSPORT MEMBERS! Passport members are listed in these categories: Beer – Wine – Spirits – Cider-Mead – Cocktails – Bottle Shops

Checking In Friends of the trail DO NOT count towards your rewards points. Tours – Lodging – Food – Transportation 

Check-in from the trail members’ page on the app. One point for checking in at the passport members’ location. One check-in per 365 days.

Use the “Star” in the upper right-hand corner of the app so you can keep track of who you have visited.

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