Lake Norman Cottage–A Great Decompression Destination

There is no better venue than a home. The second-best venue is a place that feels like home. Your friends, your family, complete strangers… digging their feet into lush carpet, being introduced to incredible wine, and cozying up like a family by the lake. Not everyone in Lake Norman has that luxury in their home, but with The Cottage, it is available to us all. The perfect Friday night; soft couch, high heels off, amazing view, and great company. The Cottage knew their target audience when they opened their doors. It’s a wine bar that feels like home; it is home. On a Thursday night when you want to have a relaxing drink, The Cottage is beyond welcoming. With open arms. 

You start your entrance to The Cottage with a jaunt around the Lake Norman cove, and you enter an environment that was created for the leisurely, the business person in need of relief, and the close friend who needs to snuggle-up and chat. It’s a release, like no other. The Cottage feels like home… home with expert wine enthusiasts and a grotto you can call your own. Imagine this- you’ve had a long day at work, and you don’t want the loud, busy bar-scene. You want an exceptional glass of “The One” Pinot Noir- a tasteful, classic wine that supports a non-profit and was originally recommended to me by an employee of The Cottage. You could not imagine a better place for wine experts, comfy seating for deep conversation, and a scene to make memories. Over a bottle of Pinot Grigio, I met my sister-in-law because her flight from Charlotte to Vermont was canceled. It was annoying in the moment, but epic in my memories. My good friends, and the incredible proprietors of the Destination Magazine, Andy and Lisa Jay got engaged at the Cottage… No one knows Lake Norman like they do, and this is their place. 

Plan a date night, plan a girl’s night, plan a night for yourself, but spend it at The Cottage. It is the establishment made for the Destination Magazine readers. It’s beautiful, it’s unique, it’s comfortable, and it is the sanctuary that we deserve. 

– Kara McMillian

Lake Norman Cottage
200-A North Harbor Place
(next door to North Harbor Club Restaurant)
Davidson, NC 28036
(704) 237-3629