Muddy River Distillery

 Our story starts the way it does for most entrepreneurial leaps of faith: we left jobs that were unfulfilling to follow our passion. Our passion is distilling rum. Our early days of research and development triggered an obsession to create a fine spirit that we were proud of, and one that others would enjoy. Once we nailed down our first recipe, we knew we were on to something. All that was left was finding a way to bring it to the masses.

In 2011, after renting 500 square feet of space in an old textile mill that we found on Craigslist (seriously), we opened the first rum distillery in North Carolina roughly 50 yards from the “muddy” Catawba River, which gave Muddy River Distillery its name. Soon, by working on the weekends, we were producing 35 bottles of rum a day. We were pretty proud of that.

From the reclaimed distillery floors to the custom-built stills to the handcrafted rum recipes, we’ve built Muddy River Distillery from the ground up. Without the help of our friends and family this wouldn’t have been possible. There are no investors, no trust funds, no sugar daddies. Still, our greatest point of pride is the superior quality of our product, which we believe is the best damn rum you’ll ever taste.


1500 River Dr STE 100, Belmont, NC 28012


35.2367065, -81.0155887