The Sanctuary Simply Called “The Cabin”

The best part about turning 21, is that my mother, my sister, and I could text each other on a Friday and decide on a place to meet up, have a couple of drinks, and catch up on each other’s lives.  Full disclosure, when I said “Friday,” I meant “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and also Friday.”  Also, when I said, “catch up on each other’s lives,” I meant “whine about all the things that happened to us that day that made us want to punch a wall and cry. A lot.”  The details aren’t important.  The venue for our whining (and wine-ing) was, however, important.  While there are so many businesses around Lake Norman that we support and adore, there is one spot in particular where we can minimize the complaining and maximize the comfort.  The Cabin in Davidson is a truly unique environment for unwinding.  With a stunning view of Lake Norman, and the interior comfort of a cozy, rustic living room, The Cabin has all the elements for an evening of leisure.  

The benchmark of a great establishment is options.  By “options” I mean a place where you can move three feet in any direction to be exactly where you want to be.  You can sip a cheeky Merlot on the patio and watch the sailboats glide in and out of the marina.  You can snuggle in with your girlfriends in one of the downy grottos inside that are perfect for conversating and venting.  My personal preference, however, is to procure a cigar out of their fine selection, retire to the rocking chairs overlooking the water and watch the sun sink slowly below the horizon.  It may be getting cold out, but as a born-and-raised Cornelius girl, I can assure you that the sunsets are at their most beautiful in the Winter.  Grab a fleece, pick a cigar, have a Pinot Noir and watch the magic of Lake Norman at dusk from the sanctuary called The Cabin.

– Kara McMillian

The Cabin
400 N Harbor Place Dr
Davidson, North Carolina 28036