Triskelion Brewing Company

Triskelion Brewing Company

Carolina Craft Passport Trail Post

Dedicated to bringing you damn good beer.

Triskelion Brewing Company is dedicated to bringing you damn good beer. That’s it. That’s their goal. They like to do other stuff too… but primarily… at the taphouse, the main objective is simply to produce the best beer they can possibly make.  Well, and encourage you to try it. 

Located in Hendersonville’s Historic 7th Avenue district, they encourage you to come down and experience the growing brewery scene. You’ll love it. 

The Tri-Brew-Crew takes pride in crafting an ever changing menu of brews. You can see all the beers they have ever made on Untappd, or check the current menu by stopping by the Taphouse and checking out what’s on tap.

In addition to serving damn good beer, they serve the community as a destination for music, gatherings and friendly competitions.

For instance, check out Irish Sessions at Triskelion. A session is a community celebration of traditional Celtic Music and an exploration of a vast, colorful, musical world that originates from Ireland, Scotland and the other Celtic nations. 

Into self improvement? (arn’t we all?) try Yoga, Mindfulness, and Mimosas! Triskelion Brewing Company and the yoga community are growing in Hendersonville, so why not do it together! Come join local yoga teacher and lifestyle medicine nurse, Tamara Bernazky-Alm, for all levels yoga.

Stop in for a cold pint and more next time you cruise though our little section of the Appalachian Mountains.

The Carolina Craft Passport is a reward program to nudge you to get off the well worn path and experience boutique craft beverage destinations across the region.